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Buying a Diamond – Diamond Information & Guide

When buying a diamond, it’s worth understanding Diamond Information basics. There are four characteristics to understand that will help you . They are known as the Four C’s: Colour, Carat Weight, Clarity and Cut. It is the combination of these factors that determine the value of a diamond.

  1. Colour: Most gem diamonds seen alone appear white, but most have a hint of colour, mainly yellow. Diamonds with no trace of colour at all are extremely rare and the closer they are to no colour, the more rare and valuable they will be.
  2. Carat Weight: A diamond’s weight is the simplest of its characteristics to measure and from the earliest times it was used to calculate a diamond’s value. Diamond weight is measured in carats, and each carat is divided into 100 points. A carat is equal to one-fifth of a gram.
  3. Clarity: Most diamonds contain tiny natural marks, known as inclusions, which make each stone unique. The fewer and smaller the inclusions, the more valuable a diamond will be. Clarity is effective in determining a diamonds value but is second only to cut.
  4. Cut/make: Cut determines a diamond’s proportions that enhance its ability to refract light as fire and brilliance. A poor cut results in a dull diamond. The ratio of parameters of height to depth and table size to width calls the tune of a diamonds proportions.

Clarity Diamonds will assist you in your selection of diamonds as they have a qualified diamond specialist who can explain in everyday language what all the technical information means that can be confusing to many people. This will allow you to make informed decisions and you can be confident you are getting the best possible advice from staff that have a wide knowledge and experience with diamonds and jewellery.

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Clarity Cut Diamond - how a diamond handles light

Clarity Cut Diamonds - carat weight - size indication scale

Clarity Cut Diamonds - Colour - International Grading Scale

Clarity Cut Diamonds - Clarity - International Grading Scale

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