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Conflict Free Diamonds

Clarity Diamonds Policy Statement on Conflict (Blood) Diamonds:

“Clarity Diamonds guarantee that all the diamonds in store and those sourced on behalf of clients will only be from diamond suppliers who have written statements that they have purchased their diamonds from legitimate conflict free sources as laid down by the Kimberly Process.”



Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, are diamonds used by rebel groups, to fund wars and activities that involve human rights breeches. Conflict Free Diamonds are those sourced without an illegal rebel background.

How do I know if a diamond is conflict free?

The only way you can know if a diamond is conflict free is to ask your jeweller if they have a conflict diamond policy and if they are able to guarantee that the diamond has been purchased from legitimate conflict free sources.

Is Boycotting the Answer?

According to the World Vision senior policy adviser for Africa Mr Rory Anderson “boycotting diamonds isn’t the answer.” He goes on to explain “Legitimately traded diamonds, particularly in countries like South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia are being used to fund health care, education, and other vital services,” Anderson added “We can’t punish countries using diamonds to help their people for the crimes committed by rebel groups and others exploiting resources elsewhere.”

What is the Kimberley Process?

The Kimberley Process (KPCS) is a unique initiative by government authorities, the international diamond industry and non governmental organisations. The KPCS was set up to provide a way of tracking and identifying the trade of rough diamonds using tamper resistant containers accompanied by a government validated Kimberly Process Certificate. New Zealand signed the Kimberly Process in 2005 and was accepted as a signatory in the KP meeting in November 2006. All of Clarity Diamonds stones are sourced from suppliers who comply with the Kimberley process. Additional information can be found on the following web sites :

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