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Costume Jewellery Huge Diamond Ring Turns out to be Real

A costume jewellery ring with a huge stone bought for £10 at car boot sale turns out to be real…

A costume jewellery ring with a huge stone bought for £10 at car boot sale turns out to have a huge real diamond expected to fetch £350,000 at Sotheby’s auction!

The huge diamond ring is expected to sell for around £350,000 at auction, 30 years after it was bought for only £10 at a local car boot sale at the West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth, west London in the 1980s.

26 carat Diamond Ring

A costume jewellery ring bought for 10GBP is expected to reach over 300,000GBP at auction!

The massive 26.27 carat white diamond stone was initially presumed to be fake because of it’s size and the fact 19th Century diamonds were not cut to perfection like today’s gems, meaning it didn’t sparkle as we expect diamonds to when they catch the light.

After wearing the ring for “day-to-day chores”, the owners were given an inkling that the ring may be real after a jeweller told them it could have substantial value. They subsequently brought the ring to Sotheby’s to be valued.

Jessica Wyndham, head of London’s jewellery department at Sotheby’s, said the owners (who did not want to be named) are “incredibly excited, anyone would be in this position, it’s a life-changing amount of money.”

Although it was believed to be cut in the 19th Century, its history and how it arrived at the car boot sale is unknown. She added: “The owner would wear it out shopping, wear it day-to-day. It’s a good looking ring. But it was bought as a costume jewel. No-one had any idea it had any intrinsic value at all. They enjoyed it all this time”.

The ring will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s in July. We look forward to seeing just how much it will sell for…

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